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Transformational Cupping® was developed in 2018 through a combination of specialisations, including physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, nutrition as medicine, naturopathy and Chinese medicine. This involves working with energy and often a psychological aspect. This is what makes this way of treatment so unique!


Experience Transformational Cupping - Part 5

Transformational Cupping can change your life. It really can. But you don't have to take our word for it. Just do so following these success stories. Not only our Transformational Cupping training courses, but also during the treatments of our therapists fantastic results are being achieved. Today, we share some of them with you.

Experience with transformational cupping for pent-up emotions

My success story with Transformational Cupping for me is that by being cupping myself by Charissa, I got the final push to better process everything and feel everything again.

After an eventful childhood, including losing my father and losing my health when I was 14, I went to a lot of counsellors. My mother sometimes said, "You are cold and cold!" But whenever a sad film was on TV, I would cry.

Nobody seemed to be able to help me, and talking about what I had been through, I could do that like the best of them, so that wasn't the problem. I tried hypnosis therapy and it soon became clear that I had a "button" that could be turned on and off. But mostly I turned it off so I didn't have to feel.

When I miscarried in 2019, I no longer managed to live the way I did. The "happy patient me" was completely gone... The stretch was out of elastic. Still, I couldn't get to my grief, nor could I cry anymore.

During cupping training, I was cupped by the trainers and a layer was removed. My first tears in years! After this, we started cupping heavily and I got sick. For 8 weeks, I caught a cold with pain in my shoulders. After the last cupping of my abdomen, a bubble formed around me. It felt like I was alone in the world. Anger raced through my body, but I couldn't express or understand it. Why? I work so hard on myself. Why am I feeling this way again now?

My period stayed off for 12 days. I finally got my period on the day I had my miscarriage in 2019. In the shower, my pain was suddenly released... The memories. The last drop of not being able to feel anymore. I broke down and cried terribly and relived my pain.

That was moment when everyone let me, alone with a toddler, go to the hospital while losing the baby in my belly. None of my loved ones, even my husband and mother could not put me number one at that time. That's how alone and powerless I felt then. But everything I had repressed and forgotten!

And now I have lost it and there is air again!

For now, this is the biggest personal success story of mine and of course with the help of Charissa, as she is my cupping therapist. For me, cupping is like it should have been this way. As if it had to come my way. So that my body could be prompted to remember and feel again. And above all, to process.

- Gaby Kuijf - Cupping Nomands (Beverwijk)

Experience Transformational Cupping treatment for whiplash and damaged shoulder capsule

I had a skiing accident almost 4 years ago, which left me with whiplash and (what they said at the time) a broken shoulder capsule. Then I went to several physiotherapists, but the problem of my shoulder was never solved. Until I ended up with Laureen.

Despite the painful treatment, I felt more space opening up in my arm and armpit. After an hour-long treatment, I get my arm all the way up again. With a big smile, I came out of the treatment! 1.5 weeks later, I had a final treatment to loosen the adhesions in my arm. In doing so, I immediately noticed that my blood flow had improved enormously, as the bruises were a lot less severe and the recovery actually took only 1 day.

I am so happy with the end result, finally I can play sports again without restrictions. And during the treatment I had tremendously nice conversations, so I can really recommend transformational cupping to everyone!

My therapist was Laureen van Lunen of Cuppingnijmegen

Experience Transformational Cupping for neck pain and many headaches

My client came to me with a lot of pain in her neck and head. During the first treatment, I treated her head and face with Transformational Cupping. She wanted this to be the first and in demand..... client is king.

On the second treatment, I went with the buffalo hump (a bump in the neck) started. Here was the biggest sting for me to work on. During the cupping treatment, the cups also filled up with waste products. But a lot was also happening inside. Afterwards, she could immediately move her neck better again.

After 2 days, I received a message saying she had much less neck pain and no more headaches. I explained to her which postures can cause these complaints. She is going to pay attention to this, as we would prefer that the cause is also adjusted and the result is permanent.

- Walentina - Senza Foot Reflexology (Lelystad)


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