Transformational Cupping® was developed in 2018 through a combination of specialisations, including physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, nutrition as medicine, naturopathy and Chinese medicine. This involves working with energy and often a psychological aspect. This is what makes this way of treatment so unique!


Experience Transformational Cupping - Part 6

Transformational Cupping can change your life. It really can. But you don't have to take our word for it. Just do so following these success stories. Not only our Transformational Cupping training courses, but also during the treatments of our therapists fantastic results are being achieved. Today, we share some of them with you.

Experience with transformational cupping for infertility

On 30 July, I was asked this question:

"Can Transformational Cupping also help with getting pregnant?"

Yes! Loosening and clearing adhesions in the abdomen improves blood flow and circulation. This is very important if you have the desire to have a baby. In this client's case, things were a little different. In fact, there was quite a bit of pressure. This lovely lady was on a fertility pathway and would have 1 more transfer. That would be 2 weeks later.

That meant she had to come for treatment very soon. This is because the body needs time to clean up the waste and adhesions that are released by massaging and cupping. Some bodies need a bit longer for this than others. I treated her in early August.

In mid-August, the final transfer was due to take place. An exciting moment... Especially in the days and weeks that followed. On 20 September, I unexpectedly received a very nice message! A photo of an ultrasound. Yes.... The client was pregnant!

I am so happy for her and grateful that I could, I feel, contribute to that. Over the past few days, she passed in my mind several times, I was curious to see how she is doing. She is doing great! She is now 16 weeks pregnant, feels great and is not bothered by anything!

I hope I can inspire women with this. Transformational Cupping is the best detox for your body. It can be used for so immense number of complaints and conditions.

- Anne Wiercx Cupping ('t Gooi)

Experience Transformational Cupping treatment for overall health

In May, I came to Jessica from "puuraanzee" for my shoulder the first time.

By asking several questions, Jessica knew there was more to be done than just a shoulder. The first time she cup my neck , a lot came loose, especially a lot of pain and sadness. I walked out of the treatment with a totally different feeling. I went to the treatment with a lot of tension, restlessness and stress and with such a free, loose and relaxed feeling I walked out again. Little did I know then that so much beauty would follow and what else it would bring me.

At the end of July, I had another appointment for the next Transformational Cupping treatment. Before this, I did a 3-day detox course. Every day Jessica would email me asking how I was doing and how I was feeling. With this treatment, it was my legs' turn. My calves and thighs were full of tension, the bruises were visible within a very short time. My calves that were so tight soon felt better, I felt much more space. Through the detox, the Transformational Cupping session and Jessica's fine support, the great transformation process really began. I felt myself so much better and I felt everything in my body flowing through.

In October, I went to see Jessica again. I had my IUD removed and was eager to rid my abdomen of the trauma it had suffered. Still, this treatment we gave attention to my neck and chest. I let it wash over me, the cup completely sucked in a vacuum. I could cry with misery. Centimetre by centimetre, Jessica tackled it with total precision. This was very clearly needed.

Back on the bike ride home, all I could do was cry; something seemed to have been opened. A kind of gateway to self-love. I felt the urge to really work on myself and especially to dare to set my limits. Jessica told me this every time, but after the cupping treatment I seemed to be able to take on the world completely!

Jessica emailed me the following day to ask how I was doing. I had completely collapsed! She said she did expect this. Now it was my time to start processing everything. And that time is there now, the space and peace in my body. My body has been completely cupped by Jessica since last May, my body is flowing, my energy is 100% improved, I am learning to deal with my vulnerability and with my limits.

Jessica has made every treatment with all the attention and love, before and after care make me realise what is important. And that I have to do it myself. I am incredibly grateful to Jessica for her care, her Transformational Cupping treatments and what it put into action for me. My body showed every blockage, Jessica showed me what it meant and I started to see where I could start giving myself the love. Wow!

- Jessica Dos Santos, Pure by the Sea - Den Helde 


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