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Experience Transformational Cupping – Part 1

Transformational cupping can change your life. Really. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Do so in response to these success stories. Not only our Transformation Cupping trainings, but also during our therapists ‘ treatments, amazing results are being achieved. Today we share some of them with you.

EXPERIENCE Transformational Cupping in removing residue from old fillers.

– Jessica Kappert

In 2020, I attended the Transformational Cupping training with Kim. I had no expectations of it and really didn’t know exactly what to expect. I was invited by a friend. She wanted to do this Transformational Cupping training to expand her clinic in the Netherlands and Belgium. On day 3 of the training, we learned how to cupping the shins, arms, neck and face.

I asked Kim if she would take a look at the old (silicone) fillers I have in my face. I am so sorry! On my cheeks are two orbs. One on each side. The doctor said I would never get rid of it. I have been looking at these ugly things for several years now, and every time I look in the mirror, I see the failure.

After an explanation and about 20 minutes of practice, Kim joined me as I lay on the treatment table. She spent about 10 minutes, I think. My face looked furry and blue but felt it soften. After about 10 days, I saw the result. And really, those bulbs were completely gone! I am so grateful!

This treatment would have been worth thousands of dollars to me! I was afraid I would walk the rest of my life with a disfigured face! Nowadays I have my own practice in Belgium and it is also my mission to help others get rid of everything that no longer serves them.

Experience Transformational Cupping in trauma.

Dina Warlouk

As a child, I was very busy and was often in dreamland. Therefore, my father sometimes grabbed me firmly by my upper arm to get my attention. As I got older, I noticed that I had trauma in that place. In fact, my ex-boyfriend grabbed me there too. In that place I felt fear, felt myself becoming very small, my heart rate went up and my breathing stopped.

“Now what had I done wrong again?”

I learned about cupping and underwent several treatments. On my legs, stomach, buttocks and also on my arms. A month and a half later, my current partner grabs me by my arm. And … nothing happened! No more feelings of anxiety. No more feelings from when I was little. It didn’t do anything for me. My arm felt soft and I thought it was so special! It seemed as if the memory had disappeared from the cells.

What freedom! All thanks to Transformational Cupping!

EXPERIENCE Transformational Cupping for Intestinal Problems

– anonymous

In December 2021, I attended the Transformational Cupping training with Kim. Day 1 was about the origins of diseases, what we can do about them and how cupping can help. It was a nice group and everyone felt right at home.

We talked about bowel problems and I mentioned that I have had problems for years. I feel like my intestines are not absorbing my nutrition. In addition, I always have a bloated belly and also suffer from a lot of flatulence. No matter what I do, nothing seems to help!

Kim explained that this is very common now. After all, our bodies are glued together! So does our intestines and the area around them. How can our intestines move and push stool forward if they are completely glued together? On day 2 of the cupping training we were going to cupping the abdomen. That evening and night I kept going to the bathroom.

The next morning I dared to tell the group right away, “Guys! It looks like I pooped out 5 kilos last night!”

It kept coming out! Finally, after years, my bowels could do their job again. 2 weeks after training I sent Kim an app: I lost 6 KILO!!!!!!!!

Truly anyone can use Transformational Cupping! This was just 1 of 20 impressive stories that morning in our group. Wow! Literally and figuratively letting go that’s what it means to me. I feel so much healthier!



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