Experience Transformational Cupping – Part 4

Transformational cupping can change your life. Really. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Do so in response to these success stories. Not only our Transformation Cupping trainings, but also during our therapists ‘ treatments, amazing results are being achieved. Today we share some of them with you.

Experience with transformational cupping in recovery from chemo

If you know me a little bit, or have been following me for a while, you know that I am super excited about Transformational Cupping. And this is primarily because of my own experience, and now also because of all the wonderful experiences in my practice.

By now about 9 years ago, I was under the impression that I was super healthy and I also felt extremely fit. Until I discovered a lump in my breast and went from super fit to seriously ill within a few weeks.

Because of my age and the nature of the disease, the doctors did not want to take any risks and, simply put, I received a little extra of all the treatments “just to be on the safe side.

In particular, the radiation treatments caused my ribs to always remain sore. The tissue between my ribs felt stiff and there was a pain point that prevented me from sitting upright for more than 5 minutes without support.

With a big bag of painkillers I went home, because “nothing to be done and you’re healthy now.

Yoga and physical therapy helped me tremendously to regain some mobility in my ribs and back. The pain never went away.

Until there was Transformational Cupping. The first treatment gave so much relaxation and space in my back. I’m actually still amazed at how I got used to all the stress and pain in the years before. After that treatment, I even had no pain for several weeks. That pain slowly returned, but less than before…. so I went one more time! And again the pain subsided.

And now, with occasional maintenance treatment, the pain is pretty much gone!

So hereby a deep bow of gratitude to Transformational Cupping for this super effective technique.

And again, highly recommended! Because the treatments give you space on a physical, mental and emotional level.

– Lonneke Aerts (Eindhoven)

Experience Transformational Cupping: ‘from unable to walk to pain free’

My husband has now been operated on 2x for a hernia, but even after surgery, the pain was unbearable. He could stand or walk for 15 minutes at most and then he already had to sit down again from the pain.

Soon you are prescribed Oxicodonx by the doctor and at first this worked against the pain. But in time, you find that this does its job for a shorter and shorter period of time and you have to start taking more and more for the desired results.

At his max, he took 13 pills daily for pain…. And not even those pills could reduce the pain anymore. But by now his body was addicted to it. Every 2 hours he had to take a pill or he would suffer severe withdrawal symptoms. Sleeping was a drama because of the oxicodonx. My husband no longer wanted to live like this with the impediments of his back and the heavy addiction of the oxicodonx.

We then started cupping his back with the Transformational Cupping method, that first night he was able to sleep through an entire night right away. This had not happened in 2 years! Believe me, you are already so grateful for that.

We started repeating the transformational cupping treatments more often and took steps to taper off the oxicodonx. He noticed less and less pain after cupping and that while the oxicodonx was tapered off . From the hospital, it turned out that he is producing too much scar tissue at the site of the surgery, this tissue is so hard that it looks like bone.

You can’t change anything else about that, but by continuing to cupping the spot we keep it supple and soft so it feels less painful. By now my husband is pain free and completely off the oxicodonx. He can walk entire stretches again and is even giving personal training to clients again.

– Priscilla – The Cup Factory Rotterdam

Experience Transformational Cupping in depression and endometriosis

What a transformation since the Transformational Cupping training. I walked into training with a can of “Golden Power Energy Drink.”

I had daily headaches, was always tired, and during my periods I was dying of pain from the endometriosis. I was taking painkillers daily and for months I could not work. From this status, I went to drinking celery juice daily, doing heavy work full-time and being overwhelmed by your period because you didn’t feel it coming.

Since I started doing the transformational cupping treatment, my periods are very nicely stable and I am headache free AND no longer use painkillers. My gynecologist (chief endometriosis study investigator) doesn’t believe his eyes, every checkup!

After contacting fellow sufferers, I appear to be one of the ONLY ones with such an enormous cyst (which fortunately is no longer growing!) and who no longer suffers from anything.

In addition, I also had complaints in my knee. To this I had “permanent injury” according to doctors. My “lingering injury” also disappeared so suddenly foetsie after the Transformational Cupping training. So apparently it wasn’t as broken after all as they saw on the X-ray!? And how is my depression doing? This has completely disappeared, I no longer suffer and am once again positive in life.

I cannot remember a moment in my entire life when I have thought I was happy until now. A very new feeling, I have never experienced this before. I am genuinely happy with my life now, for the first time in my life. And this is all because of the Transformational Cupping training. I have said it many times before, I am SO indescribably grateful to Kim every day. Thank God on my bare knees that this crossed my path. Transformational Cupping is the best thing that ever happened to me. Counterclockwise, clockwise up or down.

P.S. Did I mention that I have another job? One that I can really help children with? The most vulnerable children of our society? That I adjust their diet with the knowledge I gained through Transformational Cupping?


– Gwendoline Fraters – Cuppingqueen Maastricht



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