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Transformational Cupping® was developed in 2018 through a combination of specialisations, including physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, nutrition as medicine, naturopathy and Chinese medicine. This involves working with energy and often a psychological aspect. This is what makes this way of treatment so unique!


Experience Transformational Cupping - Part 2

Transformational Cupping can change your life. It really can. But you don't have to take our word for it. Just do so following these success stories. Not only our Transformational Cupping training courses, but also during the treatments of our therapists fantastic results are being achieved. Today, we share some of them with you.

EXPERIENCE Transformational Cupping in relieving headache symptoms

– Diana van Asselt 

Diana - Cupping before and after
For years, I had been walking with headache symptoms, which were especially noticeable in my forehead and between my eyebrows. Very often, I cried out that I would have Botox injected into it so that my eyebrows could no longer frown and the headaches would stay away.

I thought this until we reached the 3rd day of the Transformational Cupping training and we were allowed to have our face cupping.
Winny joined us while I was lying on the table. She indicated that there was a lot of tension between my eyebrows. She asked me if she could put her fingers here. After I gave permission and she put her fingers there, tears streamed down my cheeks. How this came about I cannot explain, but it felt like such a huge relief.

Winny asked if she could cupping me and gently started cupping my head. Delightful this was. All the tension flowed right off my head....
All this is so incredibly well shown in the before and after photos taken.
Relief and openness radiates from my eyes... My headache symptoms are just gone.

EXPERIENCE Transformational Cupping in recovering from burnout

Zoë van Assels - Apeldoorn

A year ago, I was facing burnout. But I did not yet recognise the signals my body, for a long time, was giving. I went to the GP feeling stuffy, got a puff and was sent home.
Unfortunately, I did not listen to my body for too long and ended up in burnout. I do say 'unfortunately', but now that I write it down, the realisation comes very hard that this period also brought me a lot of beauty. I started working hard to become 'better', but I was actually allowed to learn to stand still.

At foot reflexology, I was told that I am too tight around my diaphragm and so I hyperventilate and that causes the stuffy feeling. Of course, that puff didn't help at all either... But then the question remains, how do you relax your diaphragm?

Then Transformational Cupping came my way. That therapist also told me that I was very tight around my diaphragm. How coincidental!

Very carefully and with a lot of love and patience, she started cupping that loose for me. She also cued my chest, giving me room to let my heart speak again. During the treatment, I literally felt how my lungs could fill with oxygen again. Once I got home, I just didn't want to go inside yet. I stayed outside and enjoyed breathing. We use the word very often, but I can honestly say that now I understand what the word 'relieved' means.

After this treatment, my recovery gained momentum. It really felt like I gained new energy. Suddenly I felt more energetic, clearer, signals came through better and I can now pause and breathe, think logically, rest and then move on.
For me, this is the magic of Transformational Cupping.

EXPERIENCE Transformational Cupping in draining fluids

– Walentina Senza - Lelystad

Walentina - Cupping before and after
This lady suffered a lot from fluid retention in her legs from an early age. She had already tried everything and even had to be put on plasma medication by her doctor. The doctors kept looking for something in her heart, but it was fine. With a cupping treatment and a daily glass of celery juice, we already achieved amazing results. Meanwhile, she has had four treatments with my. The best news she told me was that she could finally wear ankle boots again after 15 years and had lost no less than 5 kilos. Only because of the removal of that fluid, in other words. We are now phasing out her cupping treatments, but at home she still faithfully drinks her celery juice every day.


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