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Transformational Cupping® was developed in 2018 through a combination of specialisations, including physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, nutrition as medicine, naturopathy and Chinese medicine. This involves working with energy and often a psychological aspect. This is what makes this way of treatment so unique!


Experience Transformational Cupping - Part 3

Transformational Cupping can change your life. It really can. But you don't have to take our word for it. Just do so following these success stories. Not only our Transformational Cupping training courses, but also during the treatments of our therapists fantastic results are being achieved. Today, we share some of them with you.

Experience Transformational Cupping treatment for fat bulges

If you have a fat bump, you will probably go to your GP with this. The GP then almost always recommends that you have the fat bump surgically removed.
Actually, a fat bump can do little harm. But most people find it especially unsightly.
Fat bumps are a local accumulation with waste products encapsulated. For us, it is, the sign that your body has received too much waste and the organs could not process it.
This could be, for example, eating things that don't suit you at all. Who knows, maybe you think you are eating very healthy and vegan, but maybe the large amount of soy products (meat substitutes, tofu, tempeh, etc.) is not good for your body at all.

We have found that a detox combined with cupping makes fat bulges disappear.
>By cupping alone, initially, the fat bulges are too hard to go over. By also detoxing, we find that the fat bulges soften. Because of the detox, your body starts clearing the fat bulges itself. Once they have softened, we can use cupping to do the rest.

Our biggest success story was a man with the entire upper body full of fat bulges. We counted more than 30 of them! Even his entire arms were full. These all went away only with detox.
It has also happened that with cupping and leaving the cup standing, the waste products have come out through the skin.

Barbara my compliments on your treatment!

Experience Transformational Cupping treatment in rheumatoid arthritis.

Colloquially, we call rheumatoid arthritis often rheumatism. But this is not entirely correct. Rheumatism is a collective name for a large number of joint disorders. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of them.

Rheumatoid arthritis, also known as rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory rheumatism, is mainly an inflammation of the joint mucosa (synovium), in which one or more joints swell and become painful. This inflammation usually has an autoimmune reaction as its cause.

With Transformational Cupping, we look at the cause. Together with the client, we puzzle and discover what triggers it! This is different for each person. We also use a cupping treatment that ensures that the blood flows well, the right nutrients are transported through the body better and waste products are removed better. All so as to activate the body's self-healing ability.

Clients who thought they had to walk with pain all their lives are now 100% pain-free thanks to Transformational Cupping!

Experience Transformational Cupping for Libido problems

Transformational Cupping is so much more than a normal cupping treatment. It looks holistically at pathologies, complaints and ailments. Take for example: libido problems.

A reduced libido often arises from a weakening in the body. Perhaps you are missing a piece of life energy and vitality. This weakening can also stem from negative thoughts or a poor self-image. In all these cases, Transformational Cupping can provide the solution.

By cupping all the layers of waste, your body will start functioning better. The self-healing capacity is activated, your body starts to detoxify itself, disruptions disappear, the body rejuvenates and you start to feel more vital, fitter and healthier.

Your kidneys are thereby the treasure house of your life energy. High time to give these some extra attention too. Among other things, treating your kidneys also helps with:
premature ageing, thinning hair, anxiety, aimlessness, infertility, incontinence, weak knees and weakened immunity.

The kidneys can also be supported with certain foods in addition to cupping treatment.


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