There is no better proof of effect.
But the best way to get these new method to experience remains undergoing it yourself.



Kim Cupping - founder of Transformational Cupping and the Transformational Cupping training courses has ensured a totally new way of seeing natural medicine and a total cupping "hype" has emerged.

Kim has been a therapist for over 17 years and created that, which gives her clients name the "Kim Cupping method". In Ibiza, the courses originated and Kim Cupping aka Transformational Cupping became very well known.

As a child, she had many different physical and mental problems. Somewhere she felt this could be different. She underwent a wide variety of therapies and with Transformational Cupping, they all now came together. She started her career at a young age in a gym as a nutritionist and supervisor of weight-loss courses. During this period, she also trained as a physiotherapist. She later took further training in: naturopathic therapist, orthomolecular therapist, detox specialisation and all modules: Chinese medicine.

In 2019, she moved to Ibiza and treated people from all over the world. In just a few months, she became famous on the island. In just 4 months, Kim was fully booked with her own method of treatment. She achieved results like no other therapy. More and more celebrities also booked a treatment and demand was growing. After all, it wasn't just cupping what she did. Kim searched the body and explained to her clients what she felt.

Thus, the client became increasingly aware of what was going on in his or her system. From accumulations of waste products to meridians being disordered or organs feeling blocked. Kim made connections between what was going on in the body and checked with her client if the symptoms matched. This way, people became fully aware of what she could feel and what was going on in the body. In the process, she also gave her clients advice on what they themselves could do to speed up the healing process. And so Transformational Cupping was born.

Transformational Cupping became a combination of Kim's own various specialisations, including physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, nutrition as medicine, new ways of detox and detoxification, naturopathy, psychology and, of course, cupping.

As the number of clients grew, so did the demand for lessons in this special treatment. In response, Kim wrote a unique 3-day training course, which she started rolling out in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2020. And with success. In the first 3 years, more than 2500 therapists took the Transformational Cupping course .  

Although she could talk about it for hours, Kim believes the countless enthusiastic and positive reactions - from clients she has treated and therapists she has trained - speak for themselves. "There is no better proof of the effect. But the best way to experience this new method is to undergo it yourself."

She has been taught by well-known coaches and researchers such as Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins and Abraham Hicks. Her real dream is to save as many people as possible from diseases, ailments and complaints, but mostly to spread love. She is also setting up a new project to help young people get rid of addiction.

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