Transformational Cupping

Do you want to learn what being truly healthy is?
AND get rid of old fat, adhesions and blockages?


transformational cupping during your retreat

New scientific studies show that connective tissue retains memories and emotions.
Psychological, mental and trauma therapy work best when combined with Transformational Cupping. 
Transformational Cupping will literally remove trauma, waste and negative energy from the cells. After a Transformational Cupping therapy treatment, people feel lighter, not only physically but also mentally and energetically. They notice that certain negative patterns are no longer there and that their lives have changed. Without having to do much heavy internal work or even talk about their problems. 
Transformational Cupping will find, dissolve and clean up what needs to be removed. Transformational Cupping works in a specific way like no other therapy does.
Transformational Cupping is a powerful tool that can change the lives of your participants. 
The therapists at your organised retreat can learn how to use the Transformational Cupping technique or the recognised Transformational Cupping specialists will be present and ready for you.
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