Transformational Cupping officiële opleiding

Masha Drum: In the Transformational Cupping training you impart so much wisdom about nutrition and addictions. What a discovery about true health, not only for your physical body, but also your mental & spiritual body. I must honestly say it feels like I am “comfortable in my skin” for the first time in my life. That only now I have the body that is mine, that fits me. Bizarre isn’t it? It is really thanks to your cupping training… It has really changed my life… and I am very grateful for that!

Jessica Keen: – lose 15 KG of weight ! On to the next 15 KG ! And for the people who want to know how I did it. I take a green smoothie every day, eat lots of vegetables and no longer drink soft drinks. Thanks for all your help dear Kim Cupping, I won’t leave you alone for now! You are amazing!

Monique Mentjox: Dear Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I have my child back. He drinks 2 juices a day and hasn’t eaten chocolate since Ibiza. He is open again, enjoying and back to his social self. That’s fine for me but especially for himself. Grateful.

The Cupsalon: I’m really very happy that you came my way. I will definitely continue to spread the philosophy about getting healthier. It is bizarre how I already feel after 3 days. I immediately got a big bag of fruits and vegetables yesterday and started juicing right away this morning. So curious to see what else it will bring me! Keep you informed! Thank you so much for everything Kim – Transformational Cupping.

Sheila Bergeijk: Learned from the best in this field Kim Cupping . She has used this method TRANSFORMATIONAL CUPPING invented and passed on to me and many others. This method is clearly different from “normal” cupping because it has a much effect on the body and the technique is also different. I am very grateful to her for what she has taught me….. grateful that I get to impart it to help people and work with distinction!!!!

Sandy Cornelis: You changed my perspective on nutrition at the transformational cupping course in Belgium. And how nice it is to know that adhesions can still be excised! A whole new world is opening up to me.

Maria Pateros: Kim! So separate! What you posted on instagram. I have it too, I’ve already lost almost 5 kilos since the course last week and it comes naturally!

Vanja Buitendijk: Thank you Kim for sharing with us the cupping training Transformational Cupping and all that comes with it about a healthier life. I have never been able to keep up a diet in my life. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve been eating healthy fruits and vegetables for over a week and I’m a different person. I have energy, am cheerful…. I no longer sweat at night, I get up early, my boyfriend and son are happy. I no longer crave alcohol and fatty unhealthy things. I still can’t believe it myself.

Josje Gullian: Wow and another Wow I went to bed at 8:30 yesterday. Was all over the place. My belly, not normal, it feels so nice. Actually everything you hear. Thank you Kim for the beautiful days of learning and inspiration. I learned a lot. Also haven’t craved coffee after dinner for 3 days. So special this….

Michelle Vancraybex: I have so enjoyed the positive vibe, already feel like a whole different person regardless of cupping. Such a nice feeling!!! Thank you all for the fun 3 days! – I have been doing very well for 2 weeks now after the cupping course (even if I say so myself) 0 dairy and 0 gluten. Yesterday I went to friends for a nice pastry with cheese, salad with egg, 3 wines, …. Today I feel really B R A K. I am soooo nauseous, I can hardly take anything in because it comes right back out, no energy, I look like the life has crawled out of me. Am so glad I finally know how to help myself and know where all these pains and moodswings etc are coming from. Today was all tough and went for it.

Jessica and Branco Keen: KIM!!!!! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! After years of doctors, hospitals and giving up, we are pregnant!!! Kim you are the first to hear because thanks to you this happened. Our bodies had to become pure for fertilization. Thank you for all your guidance and support!

Sabrina Plessius: Incredible and grateful what this course has brought about for me. So many layers lighter and so much roomier, in every way! Feels like I’m becoming a 2.0 version of myself. Super to experience and be in such a good flow.

Claudia van Loon: I already notice so much difference after the Transformational Cupping, 1 week of not eating crap! I lose weight and have more energy. Thanks again you are a topper Kim Cupping and you teach finely.

Anne Wierckx: Still here too….. Lost almost 9 kilos since the first 2 weeks of detox. So nice!

Tess de Wolf: Yesterday I had another amazing session with the queen of cupping @kimcupping @ transformational cupping , when you’re in Ibiza, she’s a must visit!

Global Leadership Movement: Same feeling here! I already shared with Kim Cupping that I really experience it as a transformation. I eat from what my body needs and fly through the day with only juicing. Seems like only now am I physically also really experiencing what it is like to be in the flow. Super high energy and mega creation energy. I find out that the food also numbed me, and so did the alcohol. (Or maybe I subconsciously did it to numb myself after a hard day’s work to relax, vicious cycle probably). Since our weekend, juices during the day and a light meal with vegetables in the evening. (In the beginning I thought oh help what is allowed now, now I think wow what is a lot that mother nature offers us!). Even going to a Pure Market Festivall where everyone is on bubbly, but no longer in need of alcohol myself. It also took no effort on my part because I feel so good. Grateful Kim Cupping for these transformational lifestyle insights during the transformational cupping training in the Netherlands.

Ilona van den Broek: Wow, what an experience richer! Had 3 tremendously intense days, learned so much about our bodies…and cupped so much! Thank you @ transformational cupping for this beautiful and special experience.

Jessica dos Santos: I’m still so glad I did the course. Still full of energy and have lost 10 pounds. You changed my life!

Karlijn Creemers: I actually realized this morning that I no longer wake up at night with tingly fingers and suffering from tennis arms since training. SO FINE!!!!

Mirella de Geus: A delicious meal from Alexandra from De Groene Chef to the hotel. I don’t need the food at the hotel anymore – I know too much now! That junk doesn’t enter my body anymore! – 

Today it was time to cupping my belly and meanwhile chest during training. WOW. Hello old deep rooted childhood trauma which I carried on stomach and hips. Kim from Transformational Cupping loosened up and intense sadness came right out. WOW, so nice to experience it but totally that it came off! This is what cupping can do for you, it allows your body to flow again and space blockages and adhesions in the skin but also around the organs. Did it hurt? Incredible! but now the job is open and may it be released to be free.

Branco Keen: Kim Cupping treatment has given more peace and relaxation. I can now accept and let go of certain things and look forward to a bright future. If we hadn’t found you we would never have gotten to where we are today. So again from all my heart how wonderful that you are there and have done this for us and that you are helping everyone. It is going very well so far lost 3 kg and still stopped smoking and Jessica has even lost 5kg or more and her skin and body looks so much better. I see so much difference! Again wow how wonderful and thank you so much for everything, how glad I am to have you. I just wanted to tell you because I really had so many things and I’m now stripped of all that stress and worry in every way. 

Linda Zwerver – van Dien: Thanks, thanks, thanks Kim for who you are, the first 15 minutes I knew it; I’m right here; I love your/your mission and I felt that already when I asked the question during the intake, “cellulite in youth, why so much?” your answer told me enough! Choices in the supermarket are toooo hudge; kids can’t entertain themselves anymore, shouldn’t be bored, numb themselves too much with resources; this has to stop! They need to get back in the body! No puncture in it, food in it and then everything becomes normal again #letloverule

Raisa Oosterhof: You have released so much in me with this great training. Thank you Kim for your dedication, enthusiasm and sharing your knowledge. This is where I’m happy to change course, with the goal of healthy living and passing it on to my children. -4 kilos since a few days! 

Anomiem: Not to go into detail but I haven’t been able to go to the big toilet (poop as you say) as well as I do now in so long. Omg

Sofie Lambaerts: I was swollen on hip and belly after the treatment but everything seems to have just pulled out, 1.6 kg suddenly off and a lot less accumulated waste.

Jeanette Rutten: After yesterday also suddenly lost 1.5 kg!

Saskia Griffiths: I feel a lot less pain in my right hip than many many many many years and it’s not just gone for a little it seems to have shifted long term. What an incredible treatment.

Lizzy Lucas: Oh Kim my neck feels sooooooooo nice after the cupping treatment not normal.

Leen Druppel: I feel that something has changed in me. Something is going on that feels right. I feel so much power and peace at the same time. 

Nancy Elzinga – Schaart: Thank you for sharing this with us. This is literally making people feel better about themselves. I treated my mother immediately after the training. She no longer has a prickly feeling in her leg after the treatment. She has artificial knees and sore skin ever since. Around the knee many adhesions, cold feet and little blood flow. A sense of it not being a whole. Now her leg and foot became nicely warm again and adhesions are almost gone. So beautiful this!

Bianca Fransman: Wowie certificate in the pocket!!! Thank you dear Kim, once again! I felt all day that I was up against something in terms of emotion. Upon returning home just grabbed my cup and cupped chest and neck area right away. Crying / not being allowed to cry / suppressing emotion has always been a thing with me since a little girl. But now,…… 

Nnnnnnow he is loose!!! haha. Get rid of that shit! Really grateful that this came on my pass. Now good, very long sleep.

Kate from Children: I myself am discovering to my own surprise that I actually quite like healthy cooking! I even bought a good blender and we now make healthy smoothies regularly. Only yesterday snacked a very small pancake and immediately I pay the price of a night of no sleep and feeling like a dishcloth today and seeing poorly. Hormones of the leg, etc. But that means I feel much better overall by eating healthy, because before I always felt like a dishcloth! So it does work and that in turn motivates me.

Wendy de Vries-Bouw: Once again, I have energy for 10! Now go lie down anyway …. I really don’t recognize this. Normally I have to take rest every afternoon because of my illness and fybromyalgia and now just not at all. As soon as I get home I want to read everything, look it up, no feeling hungry at all and even in the bath I don’t relax haha. 

Ilona Krijnen: I feel my body flowing again thanks to the treatments, the healing process has been initiated. The complaint in my neck from falling has all but disappeared. Immediately while cupping, I felt relief. How grateful I am for this.

Astrid de Leeuw: since the cupping course a little over a week back 4 pounds lighter!

Tiffany Jar: Now a few days into the course and I feel so energized! I suddenly see so much more. I am bright, I am talking, my heart is releasing, I am love. So nice! And my face is still beaming 🙂 andnnnnnn… I’ve already lost 3 pounds!!!!!!!!

No more cravings!

Patricia Wuyts: I am totally convinced of the power of cupping and food as medicine. Very grateful that this training came my way.

Jessica Keen: So nice all this positivity I wish I had done this years ago. I feel better and happier than ever.

Dear Schraepen: I am really very grateful to have been a part of this. It has brought me so much more than I could have even imagined possible. I came to take this course from professional consideration. To use to help patients and I’m definitely going to do that. But how much I personally benefited from this weekend. You can never realize what a boost this has given to my own personal trajectory.

Mandy Sedoc: I cannot say often enough how grateful and “whole” I feel right now! So much wiser but also given a push in the right direction and being taken for full. Thank you for the confidence in my ability, that feels really awesome I feel like I won the lottery.

Yvette Voros: Most beautiful course I have ever taken (and there were many!) truly life changing!

Sabine de Snayer: Very special this but it’s really been MANY years since I woke up so clear. How nice this is.

Miriam Derix: Thanks dear Kim Cupping. Despite the appalling pain, it now feels so relieving after the cupping treatment. It flows … I immediately feel happier, calmer in my head, just wauwie. Thanks Thanks Thanks. So glad I got to know you.

Sculpting Clinic Amsterdam: Dear Kim, what an incredible course. It was overwhelming, I have so much information to process. The first step toward a healthy lifestyle has been taken. Can’t wait to continue with Transformational Cupping.

Ingrid Erkelens: Really attended many a training and this one was so complete and everything was right. You are absolutely making a difference in this world.

Mana Guidance: What a fantastic days. All the insights and values we got with the cupping course, GOLD, healthy envy of your knowledge. I feel by everything that this makes the world a better place!

Jacqueline Kater: Thank you for this wonderful education on health and cupping. How special…. I still can’t get there!!! Grateful to have Transformational Cupping on my path…. I have NEVER felt as good as I have in the past 3 days.

Lucy and Danny: Brilliant Kim Cupping! I can not believe the difference in Dannys love handles after the treatment in Ibiza. It’s broken down the hardness of him. 

Salon Bella Bellezza: Learned so much again today! Just went through Chinese medicine with my mother and children. And it’s just right! Not normal! Am so grateful to be able to take this course with you. And we have such a fun team! Too bad tomorrow is already the last day!

Marlon de Vrij van Leeuwen: Thank you Kim Cupping for all these tips! I slept so well and deeply. My legs feel nice and sore, of course, but I can already tell that my skin is much smoother because of the cupping. So just had a nice glass of lemon juice already and so juicing the celery. I feel sort of relieved and cleaner. Feels very good in any case. Thank you so much and nice to meet you again. 

Monique van de Put: Thank you for another super nice day of Kim Cupping. Your enthusiasm! So grateful that I followed my heart and took your course(s), the feeling was so strong

Nathelie Holzken: What an immense amount I learned these 3 days with the cupping course. What a world of difference from the day I came full of fat, sugar and all that other junk. Already feels so much better in my body. 

Sabrina van den Goorbergh: By the way, do you remember when Kim said that being gluten-free for a while could make a lot of difference…. Well in between, since our weekend I have been eating gluten-free…. I lost 4 pounds and my girlfriends asked me this weekend: what are you all doing, you look good…..

Ilse van Zoelen: Just had a whole conversation with my daughter, who also already believes in the power of what food can do. Fun sparred with her about the pros and cons of food. So you see you have great influence and get a lot going.

Brows Beauty Body Hoek van Holland: Last weekend I did the cupping course at Transformational Cupping with Kim Cupping. Learned a lot about the body and nutrition and everything finally falls into place! 

Tessa Heijnenkamp: I still want to thank you very much for your beautiful vibe, your information and expertise. Enjoyed the course and feel reborn. I come from far away: Lyme disease and feel really good after your 3 days. 

Ashley Peters: Since the cupping course, I have gotten to know myself better again and have become a lot closer to myself. Super grateful!

Flow Healing: I can’t tell you how special these days were for me!!! This was truly life changing! As I type this I feel the emotion rising and my tears burning. I am so grateful to you for passing on these magical tools. 

Tina Verdonschot: I feel me emotions coming after treatment just now… Yeah…. Kim Truly this is just magical, so glad Transformational Cupping and you came my way.

Yolanda Veenendaal: It wasn’t without controversy. Surrender is not my best side and gradually I am learning that this is exactly what heals me and makes me better. Extraordinary to experience that my energy literally started to flow and I came into my purest purity. Thank you Kim Cupping sincerely for teaching me to keep my flame burning again. I’m on my way to something beautiful and have faith in our future again. See you soon

Susanne Jongerius: You made me realize how strong the body’s self-healing ability is and that everyone can heal. Even me, thinking I would be on insulin for the rest of my life. I’m assuming I don’t need this anymore. 

Sam Grief: Hello, I really just want to thank you from my heart so incredibly for all that clarity you’ve given me and Laura. In the past two weeks, Laura and I have developed so incredibly well in a positive sense. I myself have also become so much calmer in my head, I was so incredibly chaotic and the treatments, your tips on nutrition and the conversations has given me so much more peace and relaxation. How can I ever thank you?

Beyza Nur San: Hiiiii Kimmm!!! I want to thank you very much for the past few days with the cupping training. A world has really opened up for me with what you should and should not do consciously for your body and mind really so much knowledge you shared with us. I really feel more positive and comfortable in my skin. Your energy and positivity has really made me turn a switch… really so beautiful to see. I am so grateful! 

Monique van de Put: Hi Kim, just got back home… What an emotion was released there, I’m okay now. How much I enjoyed it, what an energy you have with you. I felt so heard there. I try to live mostly from my feelings and I still feel lonely in that sometimes. I shed tears for a while along the way, which felt really relieved. Thank you for your sincere attention dear Kim.

Danielle Hendriks: Today day 2 of the training, so nice to learn so much in terms of cupping but also in terms of nutrition I am learning so much now. I am super grateful for this opportunity!

Danielle Jansen van Zelst: These days have already been transformative for me and it’s only the beginning!

Peggy van der Aa: Hi Kim! I am already working on a super cool case after the training. Someone with restless legs who can name her symptoms in great detail incl. times of day. We have now found the cause and with it the PMS symptoms associated with it. So cool!!!!

Femm Eschweiler: Dear Kim Cupping, I want one more time this special cupping treatment! Despite the violent reaction, a fantastic result. Both physically and spiritually.

Nienke Kleve: Hi Kim, I’ve been really bouncing the past few days, full of energy. Already 2 mornings at 6 am ready awake and in “ON” mode. company names, how, where, etc. Spent 4 months at home overworked now and finally feel that life energy again, future-oriented. So tremendously nice. Did me good, the energy is flowing! Thank you for fanning this fire. It will be a wonderful trip.

Masha Dekker: Learned so much and met such wonderful people. Great new collaborations are springing up – how wonderful!? Super excited to start applying this technique in my hypnosis practice.

Jennifer Jansen: I enjoyed your course immensely and am so happy to have found a piece of myself again. You are a wonderful person and you spread so much positivity and love. Keep up the good work.

Sabine de Snayer: How special are these days? I was energetic yesterday after the workout. Collapsed completely when I got to the hotel, ate dinner with some at 6 and revived completely. Back in the room I went to write what it had done to me and some things came out. In addition to sadness, there was also energy and it seemed like I couldn’t stop. Around noon anyway said to myself and now it is enough, came hard I sleep and slept until now. Now woke up to go to the bathroom and now have stomach cramps and feel like there is a brick on my back. What an experience, man.

Leylane Alen: Thank you Kim for these magical 3 days wow how much I (we) learned from you! It was really great to be allowed/able to follow this and so glad I followed my heart in this.

Lisette Leanne Ditch: I enjoyed it so much. The way you set up these days is super. And also how you handled the differences in the group appropriately, top notch.

Haya Bounane-Hatuluwaja: I was all up yesterday and rested right away. But immensely fulfilled and my brain is still working overtime. I was even a little emo when I drove back. What a fine 3 days, I’m just sorry it’s over. Your knowledge really got me thinking, thanks for everything! I am definitely going to continue this, make people happy and show what a beautiful change we can make with cupping.

Naomi Kloet: Really so special this. I could never have felt this way without you. I still only half realize the feeling of joy I had, that it is really mine. Now step by step integrate and really feel! I am extremely grateful to you, really don’t realize this, it really makes me so happy too!!! Thank you dear Kim.

Equi Pura Sint Niklaas Belgium: Very nice today to experience that I still have to give a little more to myself and that I can also just be myself. Giving love is going well, so may now give a little more to myself. Thank you for that! Secretly jealous of your sleuth, enthusiasm and energy. Again additional motivation for myself.

Lenja Swan: Thank you Kim Cupping for everything! You are magical! Really a fantastic weekend not normal. Never went home after a course with so much energy and inspiration. And thanks also to the group! It was really enjoyable with you guys!

Cindy Rasscvdb: Once again I want to thank you for the wonderful experience, the energy you gave me and the strength to rediscover myself. I feel reborn since the cupping training. A wonderful feeling that I don’t want to lose again! A unique experience that I would like to pass on in Belgium after the lockdown.

Skin Cosmetics Belgium: Hello Kim Cupping, we are now two weeks on from my training in Cupping and what a difference. You have given me back energy. I can take on the world! I have naturally started telling our clients about my experience and many are asking. By now I no longer eat gluten and no animal milk by now 1 kg less. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in this way.

Linata Hilberink: Dear beautiful special Kim, what an inspiration you are, with your calmness and your wisdom and how you take us step by step into your story. You are a true chick on a mission and a huge bundle of joy. Thank you 4 being you. Grateful for you as a teacher along my life path. In love and light <3

Sarah Robberts: So much changed in our family after we all went for Transformational Cupping in Ibiza Spain. I lost so much weight, felt so much more confident. After the treatments our holiday changed in so many different ways.

HappinessCoach Breda: Very satisfying the cupping training has given me. So much inspiration, my head is spinning overtime haha but in the positive sense. Everyone was so sweet and a very nice atmosphere and vibe was among themselves. Above all, very familiar. Thank you all so much. 

Iza Yoga Healinghabitsibiza: Hi Kim, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your tremendous healing. Maybe I didn’t communicate that across too well. And I am so thankful to you and feel really incredible especially after yesterday! Definitely a lot had shifted and I even looked at myself in the mirror and felt a connection and saw myself in a new way. This is indeed a transformational process. Thank you Kim

Manuela van Etten: What a tremendously inspiring course day. How you know how to captivate me, grab me and hold me. I am so excited! I can’t wait to get started myself. – After the juice fast, I got rid of my sugar addiction! In terms of nutrition, I “feel” what I want again!

Jennifer Lesley van der Velden: Thank you for another great course day in which I gained many wonderful new insights. What cupping was magical to give!!!

Lilian Claassen: Dear all, I have so enjoyed you, and us. Special nonetheless to cupping each other, being in such pain and laughing and learning so much. Thanks for sharing safe environment. Thank you Kim.

Carlijn van de Laar: Dear Kim Cupping, thank you so much for everything. The cupping course has inspired me tremendously to continue on healthy lifestyle and nutrition. And cupping is part of that, of course. It’s so consistent with what I do. I thought it was so powerful and beautiful how you put everything down and told it all. In the car, I only realized that you collected all this knowledge, connected it and are now sharing it. I am so ON spreading this. Especially the part about getting healthier and nutrition is something magical that completely resonates. Supported by cupping!  

Talia Skin Clinic: Dear Kim Cupping, All thanks to you! When I first sent you a message if I could take the cupping training with you I already felt your good energy that’s why I was so impatient. The cupping course was well worth it with all the lovely people who attended. Very happy and honored to have met you.

Nicki Nhouh-Hijnen: The cupping course was a super nice, great experience. So glad there is someone like Kim Cupping who is slowly making everyone more aware and living healthier.

Laura de la Rie: JEETJE KIMMMM, I’m still keeping up the juicing, no gluten, dairy etc….. And I feel zó, good! I have zso much more energy. I just worked 36 hours in a 4dgn. I really couldn’t do that before. And then on the bike to work. Wow!! I am really grateful to you.. How you spread the light in the world from your dark period and self-examination by sharing your knowledge. You are fukking amazing. 

Transformational Cupping is such a special gift and healing method for getting rid of adhesions, old hurts, trauma, fat and muscle knots, among other things.

Anonymous: I learned so much about myself thanks to the cupping course. Now all the questions are falling into place. I can suddenly enjoy it immensely. I am at peace. I’m not there yet but there is already a lot of progress, finally! I am especially happy that my anger is much less, I am happy that I am doing much better with myself. Everything is falling into place.

Jen’s Cupping Company: Just a quick note to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me all these wonderful things. Thank you for continuing to inspire and encourage me to get even more out of myself because YOU are convinced that I can do it. I am so eternally grateful to you.

Willian van de Luijtgaarden: Thank you Kim Cupping you have really opened my eyes and made me radically rethink my life. So grateful that you came into my life. But coincidence does not exist. Again 100% my thanks and you are going to be proud of me as a student, everything is mindset and that starts with yourself. Just open your eyes. On to a healthier life. 

Nathalie van Sonderen: How fulfilled and happy I feel after Kim Cupping’s training days. What a knowledge you have, Wow! I feel like a rich person because of all I have been able to learn. Lots of love to you!

Ireentje Alleblas: Dear Kim, what a 3 wonderful and instructive days together with you and a great group of lovely people. I wanted to thank you again, because because of you I now know which way to go. In your life, you don’t meet people for no reason; it is meant to be for a reason that they come your way. It was magical.

Diane Raeven: Thank you dear Kim for another puzzle piece added!!! Now getting to work myself and continuing to pass on what I myself stand for. So glad I came across you on instagram. Love Diane

Rea Lenders: Dear sweet Kim. Wow…. How special and so incredibly grateful to meet you and learn your magic of cupping! I wish you lots of love, happiness and even more magic in continuing to spread your life’s work! What a complete person you are and special. See you again very soon. Love, hugs and love Rea

Lotte Spain: Oh God, I love food and I love to cook. But like me also the food I eat and make went through a transformation after the cupping course. Last summer Kim Cupping – Transformational Cupping “fed me” with her knowledge about food. I have to be honest because it took me some time to get it. But nowadays I love it even more to eat and cook with healthy, local, fair-trade products. Once in a while I even have a detox for 3 or 5 days to boost my immune system, gove my skin extra care, lose some weight, help my digestion, clear my head and get rid of old layers. 

Maurice Klundert: Last month I went to Kim because I was stuck in my life and looking for answers to issues from the past. There were things then that I had not yet healed and was allowed to work on. This also revealed that I was allowed to get closer to my intuition. Kim coaches and supports you in a very relaxed way without judgment and ego. She knows how to practice things and gives simple and effective steps I you can take in your life.

Lenja Swan: Once again super thanks for your wonderful session. It seems like in float! I have to take very deep breaths every time, as if my body demands more oxygen. Really great. 

I also suddenly don’t like anything after the cupping course that I used to take, even chocolate disgusts me. Am so much changed after this weekend after the Cupping Course in Holland. Everything flows that was actually all so fixed. On each layer. Am so grateful to you.

Natasja de Haas: I learned a lot in the 3 day cupping course, for me the most shocking thing was the nutrition, deep down I knew it but let myself get carried away by society and habits and certainly the convenience. How stupid that I gave myself poison. I hope to pass on 1 tenth of your energy and knowledge. For the first time in my life I have no thoughts in my head how nice and special. I could go on for another hour. But in short… thank you. 

Kim Cupping Transformational Cupping Opleiding

Kim Cupping

Five years ago, Kim developed Transformational Cupping. She made a combination of her specializations: physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, naturopathy and Chinese medicine. Putting these treatments together created a new treatment method: Transformational Cupping. This treatment method also focuses on the psychological aspect and proper nutrition! The approach to the complete person makes this method of treatment unique and provides particularly effective results!

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As the founder of cupping hype, we offer you the only official training in Transformational Cupping in the world. After completing our official training, you may immediately start your practice under the registered brand name Transformational Cupping. After the training we support you the first year with free access to knowledge base, advisors, specialists and our community. We also support you with the promotion of your official Tranformational Cupping practice. Therefore, you get free listing in the database and on our website for the first year.(link) We promise to repost your posts on Facebook and Instagram, quickly expanding your network. Furthermore, we support you as an entrepreneur with your practice. We help you build a successful Transformational Cupping practice! Our specialists are here for you on Transformational Cupping and successful entrepreneurship. You don’t have to do it alone. All specialists meet you at national Cupdates.

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In this three-day training we dive into the concept of ‘nutrition as medicine’ and discuss various philosophies about nutrition. Of course you also learn to cup yourself during the training and you will also be cupped yourself. Transformational Cupping is more than just cupping, but cupping is an essential part of this method.

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  • How to find the right information
  • Experience for yourself how everything resonates
  • How to get rid of waste, fat, adhesions and cellulite
  • How can you heal yourself, your family, acquaintances and customers by using various techniques
  • get cupped yourself and learn to apply Transformational Cupping®
  • (note: this is not ‘normal’ cupping)
  • how you can literally and figuratively pull layers away from people

During the training we treat you to delicious Whole Food Plant Based lunches.

This training is provided by the founder of Transformational Cupping
Kim Cupping