Michelle Vancraybex

Cupping experience by Michelle

"Am SO happy that I finally know how to help myself and know where all these pains/moodswings etc are coming from."

Yolanda Veenendaal

Transformational Cupping review Yolanda

"Extraordinary to experience is that my energy literally started flowing and I came into my purest purity."

Elske de Wal

"After a very long time of neck and shoulder pain, now not bothered by anything at all"

Tina Verdonkschot

Transformational Cupping review Tina

"After 3 hernia operations, thanks to Transformational Cupping, back to full life."

Gaia Arielle

"I find the no-nonsense attitude a breath of fresh air"


"Most beautiful course I have ever attended (and there were many)"

Linda de Mol

"And damn, where the most expensive anti-cellulite creams hardly deliver results, this seems to work!"