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The cupping training

Some more information about cupping training.

What makes this cupping course different from the other cupping courses? Why do they achieve these extraordinary results so quickly with Transformational Cupping®?


In this training you will learn more than just cupping. In fact, it is comprehensive in terms of creating a healthy body. You will learn how diseases, waste products and ailments come about and what we can actually do about them.

This cupping training is aimed at offering a new lifestyle in our society.

We are getting unhealthier, weaker and sicker but how do we stop this vicious cycle?

Kim Cupping has managed to transform difficult material into understandable and grasping language. The course is logical, relatable, even fun and above all life changing! It is not for nothing that there are so many fantastic responses on the Internet.
Lives changed after Kim Cupping’s cupping training. “It suddenly comes naturally” is so often mentioned.

Clients wake up in the morning with positivity and experience more energy in their lives and more clarity in their minds. Stimuli and signals come through better and also the old obstructing ballast suddenly seems to have (largely) disappeared.
Clients experience a smoother, more flexible and healthier body.
No more pains or heavy feeling in the body.
Fit, healthy, flexible, free and happy! That’s what we’re going for!

Kim’s mission even during cupping training is to wake up the students and make them realize. It can also be done differently! For example, why do we live in a society where no one begrudges each other anything? Where giving love is something scarce? And we especially problems are reasoned not from love but from fear and suspicion? While almost all of us feel within us that this is not the way.

According to Kim Cupping is the shortest way to start with nutrition. As we use this to remove the distortions from the body, the body comes more balanced and can begin to recover.

A healthy body also goes hand in hand with healthy thoughts. How nice is it when you get out of a negative spiral? Be able to approach life and the people around you positively again? And all with naturopathy combined with Transformational Cupping.

You will learn tips and tools what to do for hormonal complaints, skin complaints, intestinal complaints and so much more! And all in understandable language in a super fun course

What sets the Transformational Cupping training apart?

The Cupping training not only has physical days, but participation in the training gives a lifetime access for all questions about diseases, complaints, ailments and discomforts (because you don’t learn this in a few days, even in months or a few years). Trainees are given access to a database that contains all diseases, complaints, discomforts and ailments. This database contains the forum where 8 specialists (from oncologists to skin specialists) are present daily to answer all questions. This is one of the reasons why fantastic results are obtained by the students and their clients regarding illnesses, ailments and discomforts. Whereas most trainings have only 1 guideline regarding detox and nutrition, Transformational Cupping is about having a manual to help each client be person-centered. Not everyone can be vegan, nor can everyone eat meat. It is time for a totally new insight and approach. And the results now prove for several years. It works!


Would you also like to become a Transformational Cupping therapist? And help yourself and others to a freer and healthier body? You can! You do not need any prior education.


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