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Transformational Cupping is a combination of cupping, manual therapy, nutrition and detox. In this unique treatment method, we combine Eastern and Western medicine. For detoxing, we recommend the right food as medicine! Transformational Cupping is therefore much more than just cupping!
It is precisely the combination of different treatments that enhances the results.

What is Transformational Cupping suitable for? This complete treatment method sets the whole body in motion, which is precisely why it is suitable for multiple health conditions. It is precisely the application of different methods that produces amazing results. Transformational Cupping is much more than just cupping!

Transformational Cupping is a suitable method for problems with:

Skin - fat - adhesions - waste products - blockages - scars - veins - stretch marks - connective tissue - meridians - lymphatic system - muscles - tendons - joints - organs - traumas - diseases - discomforts - and more different ailments and complaints.


This treatment method gets the entire body moving. The cup vacuums the skin. Deep and superficial adhesions under the skin loosen. This allows the body to circulate with oxygen-rich blood. Buttons shoot loose, as well as waste products and adhesions containing fat. The body's blood flow improves immediately. The body can be better nourished and all waste and ballast are removed. You notice the result immediately.

Kim Cupping Blog

Kim Cupping

Five years ago, Kim developed Transformational Cupping. She made a combination of her specialisations: physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, naturopathy and Chinese medicine. Putting these treatments together created a new treatment method: Transformational Cupping. This treatment method also focuses on the psychological aspect and proper nutrition! The complete person approach makes this method of treatment unique and ensures particularly effective results!

Achieve amazing results with Transformational Cupping in your practice!

As the founder of cupping hype, we offer you the only official Transformational Cupping training course in the world. After attending our official training course, you may immediately start your practice under the registered brand name Transformational Cupping. After the training, we support you for the first year with free access to the knowledge base, consultants, specialists and our community. We also support you with the promotion of your official Transformational Cupping practice. Therefore, you will get a free listing in the database and on our website for the first year. We promise to repost your posts on Facebook and Instagram, expanding your network quickly. Furthermore, we support you as an entrepreneur with your practice. We help you build a successful Transformational Cupping practice! Our specialists are there for you in the field of Transformational Cupping and successful entrepreneurship. You don't have to do it alone. All specialists will meet you at national Cupdates.

Benefits listed for your practice:

  • Use brand name Transformational Cupping
  • One year free access to knowledge via the knowledge base
  • Mention in the databases Transformational Cupping
  • Listing on the website
  • Repost of posts on our Facebook and Instagram page


Do you also want to learn what being truly healthy is all about? Do you want to get rid of old fat, adhesions and blockages? Then also follow our official Transformational Cupping training.

During our Transformational Cupping training, learn about various diseases, ailments, adhesions, waste products, discomforts and various health complaints. During this Transformational Cupping training you will learn how to get rid of these complaints yourself, but also how to help others in the process.

In this three-day training, we dive into the concept of 'food as medicine' and discuss various philosophies on nutrition, among other things. Of course, during the training you will also learn to cupping yourself and be cupping yourself. Transformational Cupping is more than just cupping, but cupping is an essential part of this method.

We would love to tell you how to get healthier yourself. How to get rid of adhesions and improve waste disposal. Then you will learn how to help others do the same.

In three full course days, we will teach you all about Transformational Cupping. This training includes all materials. So you can start working in your own practice immediately after completing the Transformational Cupping training!

Training content Transformational Cupping

In this three-day training course, we cover:

  • latest research in natural medicine, nutrition and detoxing
  • Earth's developments
  • get healthier and fitter in a few days or weeks
  • how to find the right information
  • experience for yourself how everything resonates
  • how to get rid of waste, fat, adhesions and cellulite
  • how to heal yourself, your family, acquaintances and clients by using various techniques
  • Become cupped yourself and learn to apply Transformational Cupping®
  • (note: this is not 'normal' cupping)
  • how to literally and figuratively pull layers off people 

During the training, we treat ourselves to delicious Whole Food Plant Based lunches.

This training is provided by the founder of Transformational Cupping Kim Cupping.

This three-day 3 training course includes:

  • all materials
  • use of the registered trademark Transformational Cupping
  • free access to knowledge base, advisers, specialists and community the first year
  • free listing in the Transformational Cupping database and on website the first year
  • Reposts on Facebook and Instagram (links) so your network expands
  • Transformational Cupping certificate
  • Licence Transformational Cupping
  • Member of the fabulous Cupping Family

During this training we treat delicious Whole Food Plant Based lunches.

Price: €1,444 (VAT deducted).
Please note: for registrations from 1 July €1,595 (VAT transferred).

Training returns Licence Transformational Cupping
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JUNE 2023
03-04-05 (full)
06-07-08 (80% full)
09-10-11 (full)
12-13-14 (70% full)

Location: Hilversum

10:00 - 16:00 (third day until 15:00)