what is transformational cupping


Transformational Cupping® was developed in 2018 through a combination of specialisations, including physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, nutrition as medicine, naturopathy and Chinese medicine. This involves working with energy and often a psychological aspect. This is what makes this way of treatment so unique!



Cupping involves using glass, plastic or wooden spheres that vacuum the skin. Cupping has been used for centuries to dissolve blockages in the body. 

The method Transformational Cupping is a new method developed by Kim Cupping in 2018. The new "moving cupping" is a golden combination with various techniques and a holistic view. Consider:

  • food as medicine;
  • manual therapy;
  • psychology;
  • Oriental medicine;
    - 'cleaning' the meridians;
    - the five element doctrine;
  • naturopathy;
  • detox specialisation;
  • working with the organs;
  • energetic treatment.


Transformational Cupping is cupping according to the 'Kim Cupping Method'. This form is more intense and in-depth than regular cupping, making it more effective.

During a cupping treatment, adhesions, blockages, waste products, trauma, illnesses, old pain, complaints, ailments, connective tissue layers, accumulations of fat and muscle knots are released. Oxygen-rich blood comes in, things start flowing again and all waste products can be disposed of. You literally get and feel space in your head and body again. You feel lighter and more energetic. Fresher and clearer. More conscious, more intuitive, less disturbed and closer to yourself.

Life really does get more fun again thanks to Transformational Cupping. And all you have to do is lie on the table and make some small adjustments to your diet if you like (but only what suits you). How nice is that?
As mentioned, this is different from normal cupping because it is a special technique aimed at learning to clearly feel the blockages (manual therapy) with Eastern and Chinese medicine and a bit of Hawaiian, with natural food serving as medicine and medicine "new style" as background. "New style" can be seen as this "detox" combination.

The right food

The purpose of cupping is to remove waste products that have accumulated, releasing mucus and adhesions and allowing everything to flow in harmony again.

Nutrition obviously plays a very important role. You can remove waste products with cupping, but if you start eating unhealthily again afterwards, symptoms may return.

Orthomolecular therapists have been stressing the importance of proper nutrition for years. Because the right nutrition varies from person to person, we tailor everything to each person.

Disposal of waste

Unfortunately, we no longer eat pure nature and have to deal with air pollution, (old) medications, vaccinations, stress on all levels, E-numbers, personal care products, 5-G and other radiations, cleaning products, etc. that our bodies store as waste products. With Transformational Cupping, this can be drained. Importantly, we start supporting the organs in this process.

Cupping can be used both physically and physically

By psychological/emotional, you can think of all the old "shit" that may finally be released. Processing old patterns, feelings and/or thoughts you have taken over from others (e.g. your parents), traumas, etc.

It has only recently been scientifically proven that our cells also store emotions. And so that fall with the bike can remain in memory for years in the cells around the knees. How nice that this can be released with this and just drained naturally so that you suddenly start to feel much "lighter". You have literally and figuratively let go of old baggage.


The results are unprecedented. When waste products are removed, the body can recover and its self-healing capacity can be optimally activated. Whatever the complaints, think of Transformational Cupping.


The therapists are on the therapist page on the website.

Would you like to undergo a Transformational Cupping treatment yourself? Each therapist has his or her own specialisations so, above all, submit your requirements and see if he or she meets your demand.


Do you also want to become a Transformational Cupping therapist? And help yourself and others to a freer and healthier body? You can! No prior knowledge/pre-training required. New dates 2023 are known.

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