What is transformational cupping?

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What is cupping?

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Kim developed Transformational Cupping® in 2018 by applying a combination of her specialisations, such as physiotherapy, manual therapy, orthomolecular science, nutrition as medicine, naturopathy and Chinese medicine, to her treatments. This involves working with energy and often a psychological aspect as well. This makes this way of treatment so unique!

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As the founder of cupping hype, we offer you the only Official Transformational Cupping training in the world. After completing our official training, you can start your practice immediately under the registered brand name Transformational Cupping. After the training, we support you with free access to knowledge base, advisors, specialists and our community. We also support you with the promotion of your official Transformational Cupping practice. That is why you also get a free listing in the database and on our website. We support you as an entrepreneur with your practice. We help you build a successful Transformational Cupping practice! Our specialists are there for you in the field of Transformational Cupping and successful entrepreneurship. You don't have to do it alone. 

Benefits listed for your practice:

  • Use brand name Transformational Cupping
  • Free access to knowledge via the knowledge base
  • 8 specialists to help with all your questions
  • Listing on the website
  • Repost of posts on the Facebook and Instagram page